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Who's Who at St. Peter's
The staff and parishioners of St. Peter's Anglican Church welcome you.

The Reverend Sister Mary Florence Liew

Diocesan Administrator
Bob Saunders

Assistant Administrator
Ian Physick

Caroline Hartley

Envelope Secretary
Madge Latchana

Parish Administrator
Martha Baquero

Organist/Choir Director
Jaime Barrow

Clyde Tucker

Lay Readers
Bill Lindsay
John Warburton
Youth Group Leader
Ian Physick

Sunday School
Anila Margret Antony

Alternate Delegate to Synod
Bob Bowering

Advisory Board
Lisa Turner
Bob Bowering

Bob Bowering

Altar Guild
Lisa Turner
Prayer Chain
Aileen Brown

Gail Thompson

Friendship Group
Sharon Lovell

Coffee Hour Coordinator
Sharon Lovell                                                                                    

Sunshine Group
Lisa Turner - please contact at

Fundraising/Planning Committee
Gloria Ramsay-Hall
Bob Bowering

Telephone Committee
G. Thompson

Lisa Turner - please contact at

Updated 01/2019
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